• 2013.08.06.

    2013 - Principle character at Cirque du Soleil's, Les Chemins Invisibles

    Laszlo has been invited to play the principle character role in the "Les Chemins Invisibles" of Cirque du Soleil! The "Le Hangar des Oublies" is the 5th Chapter of the Chemins seria, has been playing in Quebec City for the 5th summer season. He plays the Douaner, the old and angry Custom Officer who fights his old memories, but by the end of the show, after have fought his main old bad memory the Wheel of Death, his "Joie de Vivre" comes back. Olga is dancing thru the whole show in Cirque's dancetroup.

  • 2013.04.11.

    2013 - The Arc has debuted

    On the 12th of January 2013 The Arc finally debuted in the Budapest Capital Circus new show, "Hungarian Circusstars" After two long years of planning and hard work Simet's new attraction is ready. The team became a trio, with Diana Bakk joining them. Currently The Arc is an absolute unicum in the world. The production was directed, choreographed, its music composed by the renowned russian director, Ruslan Ganeev.

  • 2012.09.18.

    2012 - London Paralympic 2012

    Laszlo has performed at the 2012 London Paralympics Closing Ceremony with the Motorbike act. His partner was Lyndsay Adams. Lyndsay lost her left leg 2 years ago. It did not stop her to train on the trapeze, and so she took part at the Opening Ceremony as well on her trapeze. At the Closing Ceremony while Laszlo were riding the bike, Lyndsay was taking care of the balance on the trapeze under the bike. At the end of the act she lit the Energy Ball with a torch 30 m high up in the air. An wonderful example of human will and determination. Bravo Lyndsay!

  • 2012.08.08.

    2012 - London 2012 Olympic

    It's done!!

    High wire on the Olympic!

    Laszlo and Olga have performed in the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

    Olga has performed at the beginning of the show, she did few tricks on the wire, tightened on the top of the Tower Bridge model.

    Laszlo performed his high wire walk on the top of the Stadium 45 m high, while Ed Sheeran was singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".

    With this act director Kim Gavin symbolized the 1975 "Wish You Were Here" albums cover, where 2 man shake hands, one is burning.

    The original idea was to use two high wire walkers, but it was not possible to lit safely someone at that great height, so they decided to use a puppet. It was an exiting task, and a magnificent experience taking part in the show.

  • 2012.08.04.

    2012 - "Tirfor - "Devil's Rope" film

    Laszlo and Olga was starring the film "Tirfor-Rope of Evil" which is about a mad circus directors's mad show. The Hungarian saying says: "I have tried everything, except being a hanged man". In the case of Laszlo and Olga it is no longer valid. They have been hanged men as well!!

  • 2012.01.31.

    2011 - On Serenade again

    Laszlo and Olga are invited back to Silja Serenade. Olga was performing her Rope, Laszlo his Wheel of Death act. The weather before Christmas was sometimes pretty stormy, making their acts even more exciting. But "the show must go on..."

  • 2011.12.15.

    2010 - Cirque du Soleil, Les Chemins Invisible Chapter 2

    2010-Laszlo and Olga in Quebec City. They take part at Cirque du Soleil's  "Les Chemins Invisible" Chapter 2. It is an outdoor show for Quebec City for the 2010 Summer season. Laszlo performs his wheel of death act, while Olga is performing her main principle, the Rope act in the Chaos scene.

  • 2011.12.15.

    2010 - Gold at Globus Circus Gala

    2010-Another great success for Simets. On 18th of December 2010, at the Globus Circus Gala Show /The Capitale Circus of Bucharest/ they received the gold prize from Prince Paul of Romania for their Wheel and Motorbike acts. The prizes were awarded by the vote of the audience. On top of that, they received the Prize of Press with unanimous voting.

  • 2011.12.15.

    2011 -Back in Quebec

    2011-Back in Quebec! Olga and Laszlo are back in Quebec City at Cirque du Soleil's "Les Chemins Invisible" Chapter 3 for the 2011 Summer season. Laszlo plays Pepe, a 150 years old wire walker, who did not lose his enthusiasm and love towards the Circus. He wants to be part of the show, and despite the protest of all the artist, he performs a skywalk high above the stage. 

    This is the first time in Laszlo's career he is obliged to wear a lunge, due to Cirque's strict safety policy.

  • 2011.12.13.

    2010 - Silja Serenade

    2010-Simet's made history in the Cruis ship entertainment. On 11th of January 2010 they debuted with their High Wire act on the Silja Serenade cruise ship. Never a high wire act before was performing on a ship while cruising on the sea. Silja Serenade's 200m long and 16m high Promenade was the venue. Olga and Laszlo successfully performed 143 performances in 5 months, without canceling a show, or even changing the act due to any reason. As you can guess, the weather conditions were not always perfect though...